About SLG

Who We Are

Sparrows Landing Global is a nonprofit organization founded January 2017 set out to achieve one major goal, “restoring hope and enriching lives”. By offering organized services and programs, Sparrows Landing Global Inc. reaches out to individuals and families all over the USA as well as many other international countries. Through its uniquely designed programs, Sparrows Landing Global seeks to aid families and individuals in severe need. By carefully assessing the needs of its clients and adequately address them, Sparrows Landing Global Inc. helps its clients to face issues, take action and ultimately learn to master their own life.

Why Hope?

Sparrows Landing Global Inc. believes in the power of hope. “We believe that if you restore hope in someone, you can restore a life”. When someone has hope, that person has something to live for, a reason to try and the fight to keep going. Hope will push you. Hope will get you up every day. Hope will make you a fighter and most importantly, hope will give a person the courage to do better, for themselves and for those around them. We understand that hope is a powerful thought process that has the ability to turn dreams to reality and pain into power.

Meet our Founder and CEO, Theresa Barnes

Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile”.   

-Albert Einstein

Theresa is a true Washington, DC native. As the district is her birthplace and where she has spent majority of her life, Theresa has a tremendous amount of love in her heart for the Chocolate City. In her early life, Theresa has attended D.C. public schools, and it was during her high school education where she discovered her ambition for a career in service.

At the age of 14, Theresa received her first employment opportunity through the Marion Barry Summer Youth Employment Program. Where she worked at local senior citizens home caring for the elderly through activity and engagement. Theresa also attended Chamberlin Career Center where she received her first career opportunity as a public service agent in the federal government. It was then, that she discovered her natural knack and passion for giving and helping people, which fully inspired her path to serve.

In 1983, Theresa, began her career in public service with the Social Security Administration. She has enjoyed the fulfilment that serving the American people brings and has taken on several leadership roles within her career. Theresa has led a career-life in public service for over 30 years and continues to serve, in the federal government and in the community.

Overtime, her passion for public service continued to grow and blossom. From 1996 to 2007, Theresa mentored underprivileged children placed in the Washington D.C. social services system. During this time, she learned struggles and hardships of families and individuals in her community and provided positive guidance and solutions wherever she could. Theresa believes in meeting individuals where they are, showing them that they are valuable how to build themselves up into being well-rounded citizens.

In 2017, Theresa launched the non-profit organization, Sparrows Landing Global, Inc. with a mission to provide individuals and families with the support, knowledge, resources and guidance to enrich their life styles.

So far, she has initiated many programs within her nonprofit servicing, both the Washington D.C. community as well as underprivileged countries around the world.
Theresa has initiated many outreach programs. One of her largest, in Newala-Mtwara, Tanzania, East Africa; where she has led a coat and food drive for special needs students at a local school. Supported local small businesses. Theresa also orchestrates a quarterly food drive tailored to the elderly and homeless population of the Newala-Mtwara community.

Through her organization, Theresa has also initiated an outreach campaign in support of the Washington D.C. homeless community, called the Homeless Impact DC. Serving the districts homeless with healthy meals, clothing and toiletries on a monthly basis.

Theresa continues a life in public service, creating new programs and finding innovative ways to reach her community and the world, through her organization Sparrows Landing Global Inc. Her ultimate goal in life is to seek and save those who are lost and to restore hope in the lives of those she encounters.