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Our charitable activities start out in Ward 8, Washington DC and expand abroad. Extend us your helping hand by offering your support and joining us in our efforts.

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    Project Luchingu Hope ~ Tanzania
    Raised: $335.00
    Goal: $2,500.00

    Helping schools located within the Mtwara Region

    Many schools located within the Mtwara Region of Tanzania lack the resources and supplies that are required in order for the students to succeed with ease.
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    Community Outreach
    Donated: $114.61
    Sparrows Landing Global organizes community outreach activities in South East Washington, DC Ward 8 area. Our goal is to meet the people where there are and notify them of their options. In doing so we provide food, clothing, resources and prayer. As we minister, we empower, motivate and encourage them to keep moving forward. We need continuous donations to continue to bridge the Gap in the Community.
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    IT Mentoring Program
    Raised: $0.00
    Goal: $5,000.00
    The purpose of the IT Program is to provide inner-city youth and young adults with the opportunity to learn various fields of technology, as well as hands on experience and job skills that reflects an ever-growing work force centered around technology. Training will be in the areas of Computer Skills, Applications, Social Media, and Blogging.
  4. General Donation
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    Thank you for your donation to support our Programs and Services. Without the help of individuals like you we can’t fulfill our mission.
  5. International Outreach
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    The goal of the international outreach program is to help   combat hunger and poverty in underprivileged communities that lack the necessities to maintain the basics. We provide food, clothing, school supplies, medical supplies and other household materials to both adults and children in need.