Serrita Parker, Founder

We wish to bring many good things to life.

“Sometimes life teaches us that we can’t, but when we learn to honor and trust the Goddess that lives within; we develop a sense of hope, vision and empowerment that teaches us all things are possible under God

Serrita is a co-founder of Sparrows Landing Global Inc. She hopes to help improve the quality of life for families in Washington, DC by by assisting clients with aspirations and to foster self-awareness by providing them with the fundamentals needed for self-love and empowerment.
   Serrita has a special interest in bringing spiritual awareness to women by teaching them to honor the Sacred Feminine Goddess within by providing them with techniques to maintain harmony and peace within their lives. Serrita brings a unique factor to Sparrows Landing Global that promotes inner healing and self-love.
   Serrita started her community service journey as a member of Positive Sisterhood Social Club. Serrita held the position as Treasurer for one of the local Chapters. As a member, she participated in various community activities and projects for the homeless, mentoring, working with the elderly, shelter room renovations and assisting in food drives.

   Serrita has developed a special interest in international poverty issues and has traveled the world joining in everyday life with locals in various communities. During her travels she gained insight into their way of life and formed lifelong bonds.  This inspired her to do more community work on a larger scale.

Contact Serrita~(877) 288 – 4825 ext. 2