The Sparrow

Life Lessons from the Sparrow

Never judge the book by the cover

Often overlooked and taken for granted because of its’ small, and not so pleasing appearance to the eye there are many life lessons that the Sparrow conveys.

Power lies in numbers.  Together as the Sparrows flock we will uplift one another collaboratively as we mold on the foundation of positive living.

The Youth are the leaders of the free world.

Our youth programs are designed to encourage youth to become leaders in a world where following has become a trend through the use of media and environmental influences. Our topics range from self-worth to assistance with career choices after high school.

Together we can accomplish anything. We offer family services that assist you in rediscovering goals by providing you with the necessary tools to assist you in living your best life.

Self Love: Honor Yourself Honor the World. We assist our ladies with rediscovering your inner power. We offer workshop series that provide you with the tools you can apply to your daily life.

Join Our Family: When you contact us you have gained new family members. We will work with you to renew your life. Welcome to the Sparrows Landing Family.