Sparrows Landing Global Inc. has launched their very first Youth Enrichment Summer Program! The purpose of the Youth Enrichment Project is for the mentors to build connections with our adolescent Sparrows in hopes of making an impact in their life for years to come. The Youth Enrichment summer program is housed at Anacostia Park in our Ward 8 community. For six Saturdays a┬áday camp will be in session and each day of camp is tailored to an important topic that is relevant in today’s society. June 24th was the Youth Enrichment kickoff and it was a day of fun! The SLG staff provided free food and entertainment for the Sparrows of Ward 8. The target market segment that SLG is trying to recruit are Sparrows ranging from ages 6 to 17.

The themes for the Sparrows Landing Global Youth Enrichment Program are as follows from this point on:
July 1, 2017 Health & Hygiene
July 8, 2017 Exploring Your Creative Mind
July 15, 2017 Dealing With Peer Pressure
July 22,2017 Being a Good Friend
July 29, 2017 Goal Setting