Me: Hello!
Boy: Hi, Hail!
Me: What is your name?
Boy: Ausi Mbaraka.
Me: You are in which class?
Boy: I am in class six B.
Me: Which lessons do you like to study?
Boy: Mathematics, Science and Swahili.
Me: What is your number on test of the previous term?
Boy: I held number sixteen.
Me: Do you have little sisters or how many brothers do you have?
Boy: I have two little sisters.
Me: Are they in school?
Boy: One is in school.
Me: In which school?
Boy: Here, in this school.
Me: She is here in Luchingu primary school?
Boy: Oh, yes.
Me: What do you think it should be done so that you may love lessons well?
Boy: We need to be taught well in class, learn how to read books and given time to read.
Me: Are you having food here at school?
Boy: We drink porridge at 10:00Hrs.
Me: You drink porridge at 10:00Hrs, what about lunch?
Boy: We do not eat anything.
Me: When do you attend the school after lunch break?
Boy: Around 13: 45Hrs
Me: What time do you leave the school?
Boy: We are leaving at 16: 00Hrs.
Me: Are you living far away from school?
Boy: Yes.
Me: What time do you use walking to school?
Boy: Half an hour.
Me: Okay thank you!
Boy: Thank you!