Me: Good morning teacher!
Teacher: Good morning!
Me: My name is Lawi Lipeleko. I work with a non-governmental organization called Sparrows Landing Global. I am working as a project coordinator for Countries of East Africa. May I ask you few questions about your workplace; firstly tell me what your name is?
Teacher: My name is Saada Allawi,I am a teacher of a primary school in special unit.
Me: For how long have you been working as a Teacher in a special unit?
Teacher: I started working in this unit since 1997 until today I have twenty years on work.
Me: What are the challenges in your work?
Teacher: Challenges in my job is the teaching environment and the secondly is in the area of Community and also in the government. Beginning in the side of my teaching career I have problem of – instructional learning materials and teaching these kids they did not use only books, but there are numerous tools that children should use for learning so that they could activate their brains, so you will find that a large percentage of – learning and teaching materials are limited and are not available and the biggest challenge is that, although we have emphasized on improvisation of tools but it is difficult because we- must have money to buy rawmaterials,and our unit is not funded by the Government. If the Government subsidies the unit, we should have money to enable us to buy teaching and learning materials. Another challenge is that, these children work due to their disability Mental strength when they learn they use large amounts of energy that are often make them feel hungry, so they learn well if they have eaten the food yet. As I have said at the beginning if we do not get subsidies from the government, it becomes – very difficult to teach a child who is hungry and you look at their communities are poor.
Me: By now how you obtain food?
Teacher: For now we use the food that we got support from local office of TRA (Tanzania Revenue – Authority) due to food that the Businessmen failed to pay tax. Another challenge is on the side of parents and guardians as they do not bring their children with mental disabilities and special needs in order to enroll for Education because they think these children with disabilities they cannot fit get education as other children. Also other –

Parents are hiding indoor these kind of children.

Me: Thank you teacher.