Restoring Hope

Sparrows Landing Global Inc. restores hope in the lives of its clients and its community through love, compassion and giving. SLG believes that hope is the foundation, for those who have lost, it to rebuild themselves and their lives.

Remember that hope is a powerful weapon even when all else is lost –Nelson Mandela

Our Mission

Sparrow’s Landing Global mission is to provide individuals and families with support, knowledge, resources and the guidance to enrich their life styles.

Enriching Lives

We strive to enrich the lives of our community by providing quality aid and resources to assist them in their day-to-day. Through food services, toiletry drives and we respond to the needs of our clients with adequate resources and support.

Our Vision
Sparrows Landing Global hosts a variety of programs and services to meet the needs of their diverse clientele.

At Sparrow Landing Global Inc., we believe that it is important to sow seeds that may multiply and reach the masses. It starts with one, one person, one kind thought or one act of love. Join us as we restore hope around the world.

Sparrow’s Landing Global Inc. is a newly established nonprofit organization founded in the greater Washington, DC area. Our mission is to “restore hope to the hopeless” by providing individuals and families with the support, knowledge, resources and guidance required to enrich their life styles. Our plan of action is to meet our clients where they are and to provide them with a quality program based on their unique need(s). Offering outreach services from food drives, monthly staple food programs, personal/professional development, as well as mental and emotional support we assists our clients in fulfilling their highest potential. We provide these programs and services both domestically in the U.S.-Washington DC. As well as many other international countries on a case-by-case basis. Our number goal is to restore hope to those we service both domestically and internationally.

What makes us ultimately unique is our approach. We believe in meeting people where they are, in order to build them up. It starts with one conversation and one feeling of hope. SLG provides its clients with a platform to tell their stories and share their experiences as we assess their needs and discover new avenues to restore hope.

Our ultimate goal is that everyone who encounters Sparrows Landing Global Inc. becomes <i>enriched </i>in some way and led into living their fullest potential.


Lack of funding is a major weakness for Sparrows Landing Global Inc. The organization was formed in 2017 and has been 98% self-funded from inception to present. To grow and become more functional and reach more residents we would need strong financial backing. We wish to continue to provide future services, programs and resources to the homeless residents we currently serve. We also hope to develop and implement new programs in an effort to efficiently facilitate any new programs. We are currently on the lookout for new affiliates that may offer any resources in the form of food, materials and/ or space. Funding from small and large corporations that are in support of our work and mission are also welcomed.

Why Hope?

At Sparrow Landing Global Inc., we believe that it is important to sow seeds that may multiply and reach the masses. It starts with one, one person, one kind thought or one act of love. SLG is sewing the seed of, hope. SLG believes in the power of hope. We believe that if you restore hope in someone, you can restore a life! When someone has hope, that person has something to live for, a reason to try and the fight to keep going. Hope will push you. Hope will get you up every day. Hope will make you a fighter and most importantly, hope will give a person the courage to do better, for themselves and for those around them. We understand that hope is a powerful thought process that has the ability to turn dreams to reality and pain into power.


Total Outreach Projects

Total People Served

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Our Gallery

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Our Programs

Homeless Impact Dc

SLG performs monthly outreach services in the form of a food drive, providing at least 125 meals in the Washington DC area.

Thankful Thursdays

During the Thanksgiving holiday season, SLG performs a weekly outreach initiative called, Thankful Thursdays. Each Thursday within the month of November Sparrows Landing Global Inc.

Stephene Chawala Foundation

Is a homeless outreach initiative, created by our late Sparrow, Stephen Chawala, in support of the Newala- Mtwara, homeless community.

Coffee and Conversation

SLG’s monthly program serving the DC homeless population with coffee, tea, hot cocoa, cool refreshments and well as bagels and pastries.

Project Hope Tanzania

Project Hope Tanzania is Sparrows Landing Global largest international outreach project currently performed in Newala-Mtwara, Tanzania.

Wonder Woman Wednesdays

A women’s outreach initiative, created by SLG providing toiletry and personal health care items to local homeless women in the District of Colombia.

Project Luchingu Hope

*NEW* Quarterly, Sparrows Landing Global Inc. provides staple foods in the form of rice and beans to the families with disable children at the Luchingu Primary School.



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